A modern reimagining of the classic Snake, created for the monthly Eggplant Podcast Gamejam.

Controls - Arrow keys and W, A, S, D, use the mouse for menu navigation

High Score Table

SNEK eats orbs  to earn points and grow longer, but each uneaten orb turns into a bothersome grub  . Grubs band together when close and implode when they get too large, leaving a tasty diamond  behind. Eating a diamond halves SNEK's size! SNEK must carefully choose which orbs to eat, and which to leave, engineering his future obstacle course while gaining as many points as possible.

Current Features

- 15+ unlockable palettes

- Local and online highscores

- Configurable game speed for greater accessibility

Upcoming Features

- Competitive online highscores

- Unlockable skins

- Unlockable boons that alter gameplay*

- More game modes*

(*) planned but dependent on final scope

The game is currently testing on Testflight, feel free to contact me if you are interested in testing on iOS.

Special Thanks

A very special thanks goes out to @grapefrukt aka Martin Jonasson for his excellent bulk-lines, which is used to draw everything but the fonts in SNEK.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(32 total ratings)
Tags2D, Arcade, Casual, Colorful, Cute, Endless, High Score, Singleplayer, snake, Tactical

Development log


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Really fun! I liked the idea of the arena becoming crowded with enemies. Are you still developing it?


As slick and fun as I remembered. Love the palettes. Can't wait for december!



Just found a huuuuge exploit ^^"
If you eat 3 diamonds in rapid succession your length becomes zero and you never grow, defeating the "snake" aspect of the game!

Wow, would love to see that! I tried replicating it in the editor by spawning lots of diamonds but the Snek never shrinks below 2 length and grows normally for me. Perhaps there was a combination of factors that resulted in the bug on your end...

(1 edit)

I was able to replicate it, it seems consistant, could be that the editor allows a higher framerate than the WebGL player?

(My game speed is 6)



This is without any doubt the best Snake game I've ever played, and I've played lots!
Any plans or chances for a Windows release?


No promises, but I'm looking into doing a windows release.


That'd be so great! Sometimes simplest games are the best. I hope you end doing it. Good luck in your endeavours!


Whoah, this is actually super fun!! Do you have plans for an android release?


Great game, love everything about it


Just got a 909, felt great


got blocked :,)



Not promising anything yet, but I might do an update to celebrate 10.000k highscores. Can try to figure out a solution for this!


don't scare me like that!
Restraint, my ass... Ok, let's see where this goes.

Congrats! I honestly didn't think anyone would find it :D

Thanks! :D Sooner or later somebody, surely. It was great, really, well done! :D


After more than a year, I'm still wondering what the secret is

Only picky eaters can find the secret


Thanks that was just what I needed, i found it and it was beautiful!


I've spent more time on this then I ever thought... Only thing I need is the ability to fullscreen!

(1 edit) (+2)

Absolutely wonderful game, if i could play this all day without worry of missing classes, i would gladly do so. graphics-wise, it's very charming and would make a great mobile game. honestly, you probably could get away with not having ads, just for that little extra encouragement to keep playing. just have an option to donate a couple dollars, maybe put it in the main menu. ten outta ten, adorable, great job :)

oh, btw, you're the first game i've ever rated on here, and you get five stars

the game doesn’t show anything and I keep on dying

Unfortunately, some browsers and hardware setups are incompatible. And it sadly doesn’t run on mobile :( I’ve been trying to fix the issue but I don’t think there is much left I can do. Sorry!


vary pog game my highscore 415 so yeah I'm a GAMER.


amazing snake snek game


Actually a really nice take on snake!

(1 edit) (+1)

really cool game I love the art the tine sneks look so cute edit: i mean the tiny grubs


Nice, well done


Very fun! I am obsessed! 


well designed, very cool


So polished and nice, highly reccomended! 


this is premium game design. i'm reminded of zach gage

Wow! Glad you like it, thanks a lot!


Fun and well polished game! It's really cooler than original snake. The art style is also sick, good job!